Red Velvet’s Joy Is A True Visual, And Here’s Her Secret To Looking So Good

We stan a hardworking queen!

When it comes to visuals, there is no denying that Red Velvet’s Joy is absolutely stunning. From her effortless beauty, unrivaled grace, and charming personality, it seems as if she was just born to be beautiful and is one of the sweetest idols in the industry.

Yet, despite her natural beauty, she recently revealed how much work goes into it.

Red Velvet’s Joy | @_imyour_joy/ Instagram

Joy recently appeared on the KBS Cool FM’s show G-Park’s Radio Show, where she spoke about everything from the group’s recent comeback, her personal activities, and much more.

Joy and host Park Myung Soo | @dj_gpark/ Instagram

During the show, host Park Myung Soo asked Joy how she felt about her stunning looks, asking, “Do you know that you’re pretty, Joy?” Surprisingly, Joy gave a very confident answer, stating that she did know, and the host was surprised because normally, people said no.

Yet, it wasn’t because Joy was over-confident or shallow. When asked to elaborate on it, she explained that it was because she didn’t think she was born beautiful and that her looks come from a lot of hard work.

No, I’m not pretty because I was born pretty. It’s all my work. I put in lots of time and effort into making myself look beautiful.

— Joy

| @_imyour_joy/ Instagram

When asked how she manages to maintain it, Joy proved that she is extremely talented and such a hard worker, with all the effort she puts into maintaining her health and improving as an idol.

I work out a lot. I’ve been practicing pilates these days. I also watch what I eat all the time. I spend lots of time on skincare as well. I work out even harder during a period when I don’t have much work. This is a result of me being strict with myself.

— Joy

| @_imyour_joy/ Instagram

It is no secret that Joy puts in a lot of work to stay healthy, and she even shared her own diet and workout plan at the end of last year to help inspire others. She is also often seen trying different workouts, including aerial yoga.

| @_imyour_joy/ Instagram

Even though she looks flawless, it seems important to appreciate the amount of work and effort idols put into making sure they look good for the fans. Yet, there is no denying that Joy’s popularity and love from the fans come from her talent and personality, not just her stunning visuals.

Make sure to watch the group’s latest comeback below.

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