Red Velvet Joy’s TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits

Red Velvet‘s tallest member has always been a performance powerhouse and is irrefutably sexy to boot. Here’s a look back at Joy‘s sexiest outfits.

Joy is undoubtedly one of the hottest members in the Kpop industry: unsurprising considering the massive success of Red Velvet. Heading into her third year as an idol, Joy definitely had at least a couple outfits that certainly made everyone look twice.

These are the looks that helped shoot her to the top:

10) The “Ange Blanc”

Joy has never looked more subtly beautiful, and there’s no better phrase to sum this photo up other than the French “Ange Blanc” or “White Angel.”

9) A POP of Color: the “Red” in Red Velvet

Joy’s innocence shines through in this photo—on one hand, her shy countenance and light cap suggest she’s your average girl-next door, but look again. Those heels, that background, and that pose can only suggest pure beauty.

 8) The Magical Crop-top

Joy is fully confident in her toned torso.

The bubbles make the scene even more ethereal; Joy’s sexiness is only further elevated.

7) 21st-Century Cheerleader

Joy has the outfit, the body, and certainly the moves to entrance all her fans.

Joy’s style and motion is always so on point it makes everything about her unbelievable.

6) The Movie Star

Who said that Joy’s best outfits were limited to the stage? The only stage here is how Joy’s dress was so sexy it upstaged Sungjae, who’s cast to the shadows.

5) The Sultry Photoshoot

This photo and outfit seem deceptively simple, yet Joy’s ability to capture the attention of fans all around the world is a complex mechanism which only she understands.

4) The outfit that left us all Dumb Dumb


The colors, the environment—the synchronicity of the outfit and its context are what make this scene so captivating.

There’s a reason why people do #OOTDs (Outfit of the Day); it’s cause they know how to show off their style. Joy is no exception.

2) Black-and-White Cutouts

Joy’s likely glowing not because of the camera flashes, but because her natural beauty constantly radiates from within.

1) The Perfect Combination

Joy’s best moments are when she encompasses the two parts of “Red Velvet.” The actual material of the top and skirt seem very classy (Velvet), while the cutout is nothing short of sexy (Red).

Joy is truly the best of both worlds, and this photo only proves it. What were your favorite outfits? Leave a comment below!