Red Velvet Was Challenged To Dance To “Dumb Dumb” Without Arms, The Difference Will Surprise You

The Red Velvet girls struggled to dance using only their legs.

Red Velvet recently appeared on the variety show Idol Room, where they promoted their comeback “Power Up”.


After the episode premiered, an unaired clip of them performing an “attention dance” was released… and it wasn’t their finest hour, even though it was amusing to watch!


The challenge was to dance to their song “Dumb Dumb” without using their arms at all, which had to be kept to “attention” by their sides until the hosts (Donnie and Connie) said they could use them.


At first, they seemed okay…


But soon Seulgi was out of step!


Wendy also struggled to keep up…


And so did Irene!


The hosts had mercy on the girls, allowing them to use their arms once more – and the entire performance changed!


It’s clear the girls definitely prefer to use their arms when they dance.


While the challenge was hilarious and fun to watch, it seemed hard for the members to perform.


To be fair to Red Velvet, BTOB‘s “attention dance” went in a similar direction!


Check out the full unaired clip of Red Velvet below:

Red Velvet