ReVeluvs Can’t Decide What To Make Of Red Velvet’s Latest Style

Fans can’t decide if it’s their best or worst look to date.

Throughout the years, ReVeluvs have seen the members of Red Velvet in a number of different outfits, some that they’ve fallen in love with and others not so much.


While it’s usually an easy decision for fans to either call out the stylists for their poor fashion choices or praise them for showcasing the girls’ amazing visuals, this time the decision hasn’t been so easy.


The group recently performed at the 2018 Busan One Asia Festival and wore some very bright green and black outfits.


Since ReVeluvs first caught sight of the style they haven’t been very happy since the looks don’t do justice to the member’s amazing figures.


Fans also think the outfits are a little bit boring and just don’t fit the girls’ style.


But at the same time, fans think the outfits did do one thing right…


And that’s let their visuals shine!


Since the performance fans have been discussing whether or not they should like the style or not. On the one hand, they think it wasn’t the right decision at all because they didn’t look comfortable or warm and definitely weren’t the type of outfits fans would have chosen for the members.

  • “It’s not pretty, it doesn’t look comfortable, and it doesn’t look like it would be warm enough. What did the cordis see in these outfits?”

  • “No! Why are their outfits strange again? Just when their cordis were getting things right!”

  • “I’m sure they could have picked clothes that were more beautiful than that…”


And on the other, fans agree that because the outfits are so “strange”, they allow each of the members’ visuals to be on full display.

  • “Oh, my…but when you look at them individually, everyone is actually really pretty. Their visuals really shine.”

  • “The clothes may be annoying but Red Velvet’s visuals slay every time. We love visual queens!”

  • “How can Red Velvet look so good in such ugly outfits? They’re goddesses that’s how!”

  • “Their stylists are getting lazy relying on their visuals to do all the work.”


So although ReVeluvs believe that the outfits aren’t the prettiest, they do think they make the members’ visuals shine even brighter because of it!

Source: Instiz

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