Red Velvet Looks Back On Their Careers At Their 2020 SMA’s Performance

They have grown so much since then!

Red Velvet recently attended the Seoul Music Awards where they received a Bonsang award, their 5th consecutive time since debut.

They also performed on stage where they looked back on their careers! Joy performed “Happiness” from their debut album, Seulgi performed hit dong “Ice Cream Cake,” Yeri performed Red Velvet’s signature song, “Red Velvet,” and ending the homage with Irene performing “Peek-A-Boo.”

Their performance showed how much Red Velvet has grown throughout the years and have shown how their music has matured since their debut. It was, without a doubt, a fun stage, but also a very sentimental one!

The girls also looked amazing in their black and white outfit ensemble, giving them an elegant and classy feel. Joy wore a white feather-y dress, while Seulgi wore a white top with intricate detailing and black bottoms. Yeri wore a dress divided into black and white and paired it with knee-high white boots, while Irene wore an elegant black dress!

Their outfits were memorable aspects of their performance, but their performance in itself was definitely the highlight! They ended it with performing one of their best tracks ever, “Psycho.”

Watch Red Velvet’s full performance here:

Red Velvet