10 Images of Red Velvet’s barefaced “Rookie” rehearsal that prove they don’t need makeup

Red Velvet recently released their comeback track, “Rookie”, and fans are going wild for it, but what’s really stealing the show right now are these GIFs from their rehearsal.

The girls are definitely not afraid to rock a fresh, bare face as they wore minimum makeup and they certainly proved their natural beauty. The girls are not only gorgeous as they practice their dance, but also show off their many charms.

Red Velvet released their fourth mini album Rookie on February 1, and has already gotten their first win. They also earned their second #1 on the Billboard World Album Chart. Despite it only being officially seven days since their album was released, this comeback has been a clear success for the SM Entertainment girl group.

We hope that there will be an official dance practice version of “Rookie” with Joy soon.

Irene’s finger gesture is sexy!

Seulgi’s moves are on point.

Wendy is killing it.


They’re in perfect synchronization.

Yeri’s outfit is so classy.

Seulgi’s bare face is so precious.

Wendy’s wink will give you a heart attack!

Yeri is the cutest maknae ever.

Irene’s visuals are top notch.

Wendy is so pretty, that she even looks gorgeous as she dances.