Red Velvet’s Maknae Yeri Proves Shes All Grown Up In Latest Concert Goods

She’s all grown up!

Red Velvet recently released their concert good photos, following a “La Rogue” concept. Yeri left everyone shook with her gorgeous, princess-like visuals.

Despite being the maknae, or the youngest, member of her group, she indeed shows how she matured. The idol is 20 years old and is blooming, showing off how she grew gracefully.

Rocking pink hair, a tiara, and a pearl necklace, anyone can mistake Yeri for a princess. With her royal-like visuals and new mature aura, the idol is gaining love and attention from netizens for her upgraded visuals.

With the release of their new concert goods, people are hoping that Red Velvet has a comeback soon with this elegant concept.

Source: TheQoo

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