This Red Velvet Member Tried out the Baby Filter and Looked Surprisingly Natural

Can you guess who this is?

A new video was recently uploaded on Red Velvet‘s Instagram Live, and it was none other than Seulgi looking adorable as a baby through Snapchat’s popular filter.

This popular filter has been used by countless Korean stars, and Seulgi recently decided to try it out herself to see just how cute she can be.

What stood out in Seulgi’s baby filter video is the fact that she surprisingly looked very natural as if she was an actual baby and not an adult who was using the filter.

The filter simply accentuated Seulgi’s pure eyes and elegant facial features by making them a little bigger than usual.

In addition to looking adorable, Seulgi also made her eyes even bigger and showed off a playful smile to make the video that more enjoyable to watch.

Check out some real baby photos of Seulgi below and see how well they compare:


Source: Insight

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