Red Velvet Members React To Irene’s Extreme Aegyo

On their recent appearance on Weekly Idol, Red Velvet members tried their hand on the trending dubbed acting.

For dubbed acting, each person has to act according to whatever line’s being said out loud — for Irene, it was the famously exaggerated aegyo line from KBS’s Fight for My Way: “I’m really annoying when I act all pretty, right?”

“I’m really annoying when I act all pretty, right?

But you know it’s hard for me too: it’s not that I’m trying to act pretty, I was just born pretty.”

—Kim Ji Won in Fight for My Way

The rest of the Red Velvet members were all eyes and ears.

And let’s just say, Irene didn’t quiet make their hearts flutter.

Irene was hesitant at first, but she went for it.

Wendy and Seulgi found it embarrassing and seemed to be bit annoyed at the exaggerated aegyo. 

Joy just laughed and Yeri chose not to look at it for longer than absolutely necessary.

Irene herself found it hilariously embarrassing as well.

Good thing for her, Seulgi joined in the fun.


And even Wendy, who’s known to be particularly shy, pitched in too!

Exaggerated aegyo may even not work with Red Velvet, but it goes to show that Red Velvet are willing to embarrass themselves and each other for a good laugh!

Source: Insight