Red Velvet Members Show Off What SM’s Practice Room Looks Like

This dance practice video from Red Velvet not only shows off the girls’ brilliant dancing but also their natural visuals.

While most dance practice videos released by idols are used to give a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of idol groups and show fans how their performances come together. Usually, the focus of such videos are not the looks of the group, but Red Velvet can’t seem to avoid drawing attention to their stunning visuals.

Red Velvet made their comeback with “Rookie” on January 31st.

SM Entertainment uploaded the dance practice of Red Velvet’s new song “Rookie” on February 10th and it already has over 2 million views. Despite claiming the video is merely a “practice,” the group still execute their choreography flawlessly, but what really stands out is the group’s stunning, yet understated, visuals.

The girls all wore casual clothes and had little or no makeup at all which made the idols look down to earth. Since they are all so gorgeous with or without make-up, fans were in love with their natural beauty.

Check out Red Velvet’s pure beauty and their perfect dancing in their “Rookie” dance practice below!