Red Velvet Are True Perfectionists While Recording “Feel My Rhythm”

They took the time to get it right.

Red Velvet never fails to show off their stellar vocals, and the process behind how they achieve them is just as impressive.

Red Velvet’s Joy, Yeri, Irene, Seulgi, and Wendy | @RVsmtown/Twitter

They recently dropped behind the scenes footage of the recording for their recent track “Feel My Rhythm.” In it, each of the members show off their incredible professionalism.

Wendy graced fans with her skilled vocals. She’s clearly in her element in the recording booth. She took her time nailing all the intricate details.

It took more than one session to record all of her parts and for her to be fully satisfied with her work.

Irene made sure to ask questions in order to completely understand the vibe they were going for.

This is right before the chorus, but it feels a bit weak. ‘I’m truly free right now,’ like this?

— Irene

Yeri was very particular with her pronunciation and made sure to redo her part until she got it right.

The part ‘let’s have a little fun,’ since I pronounce it too clearly, it sounded too formal.

— Yeri

She made several notes so that she could perfect her parts.

Seulgi asked several questions so that she could execute her sections of the song flawlessly.

She also practiced her parts over and over, highlighting her desire to get it exactly right.

Joy put her all into recording her sections. You can tell she cares about the final product.

She even tried singing her parts in different ways to find the very best take.

These ladies are professionals, and it definitely shows.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi Shows Off Her Insane Duality During “Feel My Rhythm” Filming

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