Red Velvet Performed “Bad Boy” Without Music And It Was Shockingly Good

No music? No problem.

At Chung-Ang University‘s annual festival, Red Velvet was asked to do an encore stage. When the audience wanted to hear “Bad Boy”, Red Velvet explained they didn’t have the background music for the song – but that didn’t stop them. Red Velvet went on and performed “Bad Boy” completely live, with absolutely no accompaniment, but it was so good that the audience was totally blown away.


Joy playfully asked the audience if they want to hear “Red Flavor” or “Bad Boy” for the encore performance. She pointed out that “Bad Boy” will have to be without background music – and the students immediately decided they want to hear that happen. So when the members asked for a vote between option 1 and 2, the audience responded wildly for option 2, “Bad Boy”.


As soon as the members realized it’s actually going to have to happen, they asked the audience to try singing the accompaniment with their voices. Seulgi encouraged the students to sing out loud and help the members by creating their very own background music.

We’ll try. Can you guys harmonize the music with your voices? Just sing dum-dum-dum-dum-dum.

— Red Velvet’s Seulgi


Once the members started dancing, the audience starts laughing at how adorable the members are for trying. A voice in the background can be heard exclaiming, “Are they really going to do it?” The answer is yes; Red Velvet was indeed set on performing “Bad Boy” without any music!


At first, the members were giggling among themselves to be doing what they were doing. As soon as each member began to sing her part though, Red Velvet became very serious about the performance. Regardless of the lack of music, the members seemed dedicated to putting on a good show – and thus it sounded shockingly good even without the accompaniment!


With the audience singing along, Red Velvet members had a good time performing this very special version of “Bad Boy” as the encore. Fans can’t believe how it actually turned into something so magical – and are praising Red Velvet members for their big hearts and amazing talents.


Watch the full clip below:

Red Velvet