Red Velvet Performed In Their Shortest Dresses Yet, fans concerned

Red Velvet performed “Peek-A-Boo” in beautiful stage outfits, but the length of their dresses have become a hot topic.

During Music Core, Joy, Yeri and Wendy wore short dresses for their performance and fans worried that the members felt uncomfortable in them.

Their dresses were so short that it almost risked a wardrobe malfunction.

Although they were wearing protective pants underneath, fans noted how the members get uncomfortable dancing in such short dresses.

The “Peek-A-Boo” leg choreography didn’t help much in making the outfits more comfortable either.

This wasn’t the first time the members danced in short dresses.

Fans caught sight of the members having to pull down their short dresses during their performances before.

They simply hope that their stylists will stop using such short dresses in their performances to come.

Red Velvet Irene performs in very short red skirt

Watch Red Velvet’s recent Music Core performance below.