Red Velvet May Have Many Hits, But Here Is Their “Prettiest” Concept, According To Koreans

It was their best era.

Red Velvet is known for having two types of concepts: red (cute and bubbly) and velvet (dark and charismatic).

After over five years since their debut, they’ve had multiple award-winning title tracks that have caught the public’s attention.

From the song that idols loved to copy, “Red Flavor”…

…to the song that got them their first win, “Rookie”…

…and to the song that topped digital charts, “Psycho”, they’ve had many hits throughout the years!

Among all of them, there is one title track that was widely known among Korean fans as their best concept. This was none other than their 2018 hit, “Bad Boy!”

Everything about it was brilliant, starting from their teaser photos.

The quality of the posters was top-notch.

They gave off a mysterious and sexy vibe that fit “Bad Boy” perfectly.

While it is not uncommon for fans to dislike one member’s styling, everyone looked superb in this era.

Koreans couldn’t help but comment, “The concept and the styling were all pretty” and “I wish they had that concept again.”

“Bad Boy” was released in January 2018 to the praise of fans and critics alike. It topped the Gaon download chart as well as Billboard‘s world digital songs chart. It now has over 267 million views on YouTube!

Source: Pann

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