Red Velvet’s Seulgi Proved to Be a Daring Fashion Icon at Her Recent Airport Appearance

How did she pull off that outfit so well?

Red Velvet recently returned from their schedule in the Philippines and showed off their unmatched beauty upon landing at Incheon International Airport.

Amongst each members’ radiance, Seulgi drew particular attention with her unique airport fashion and how amazing she looked in it.

On this day, Seulgi wore a white button-up shirt over a white crop tee which matched the bold white cap she was sporting.

The casual black pants she wore with it made the outfit look very hip-hop and the vibrant bag and nails she added on top gave her look more impact.

What made Seulgi stand out, even more, was the fact that the cap made her face look very small and the overall outfit highlighted her pale skin and thin waist.

The way she pulled off an originally plain outfit and turned it into something so bold and daring just goes to show what a fashionable idol she really is.


Check out some more photos of Seulgi’s recent airport fashion below:

Source: Insight

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