These Posts From Red Velvet Seulgi’s Art Instagram Will Make Your Jaw Drop

There should be a limit on how many talents one person can have.

Fans of Red Velvet‘s Seulgi already know how talented she is in the realm of drawing. Recently, Seulgi made public her second Instagram account, @by.sseulgi, to show fans even more of her creative work!

Seulgi | @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

Though she’s been posting on the account for quite some time, she only just made it public, so of course fans are excited to see what she’s been creating! In addition to her drawings, her photography is also one of the focuses of this account.

A picture of Irene taken by Seulgi | by.sseulgi/Instagram

Seulgi works in a variety of mediums, but one she goes back to a lot is charcoal. Her first three posts on the account are all charcoal portraits, including this one, which really showcases her ability to give life to the subject she’s depicting.

A charcoal portrait drawn by Seulgi | @by.sseulgi/Instagram

Another favorite of hers seems to be oil pastels, and she’s used them to draw quite a few things, like this portrait of herself during “Power Up” era.

An oil pastel self-portrait | @by.sseulgi/Instagram

She’s also drawn location settings in pastels, like the one below. The way she uses color inside the tunnel is so mesmerizing.

An oil pastel scene | @by.sseulgi/Instagram

One especially popular subject of her artwork appears to be cats. She must love them a lot, because she’s drawn them on about every medium she has. Digitally? Check.

A digital drawing of a cat | @by.sseulgi/Instagram

Charcoal? Obviously!

Charcoal drawings of a cat | @by.sseulgi/Instagram

And of course we can’t forget about oil pastels. She used them to create this portrait of her cat, Lulu!

Oil pastel portrait of Seulgi’s cat, Lulu | @by.sseulgi/Instagram

She’s also gotten cartoony at times, like with this cute picture of Snoopy.

A drawing of Snoopy | @by.sseulgi/Instagram

And a little more abstract, like when she drew Vincent van Gogh.

A portrait of Vincent van Gogh | @by.sseulgi/Instagram

We are so excited Seulgi’s decided to share more of her creative side with us, and we can’t wait to see what else she posts in the future!


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