Red Velvet’s Seulgi Struggled To Introduce The Title Track And Irene Came To The Rescue

Tbh, this whole thing is just so cute!

Recently, Red Velvet made an appearance on MBC’s Music Core to perform their new track, “Queendom.” During the interview portion of the show, Seulgi suddenly blanked out when it was her turn to introduce the track!

After trying two times to get her words straight, she decided it was best to give the mic over to Irene for some help!

After the show, she took to the Bubble app to post the track introduction that she was supposed to say during the interview.

We are all queens and kings in each of our lives and when we are together, we become more beautiful.

— Seulgi

| Bubble

She even posted the track introduction comment on their Instagram account!

Netizens found it so cute that she was embarrassed for forgetting her lines!

  • “Seulgi is so cute, she’s probably gonna be cute forever.”
  • “Mistakes can happen for live broadcasts. I think it’s cute!”
  • “I can’t help but smile watching this.”
  • “I love things like this she is so cute!!”
Source: theqoo

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