Photos of Red Velvet Seulgi’s Older Brother Are Going Viral Because They Look Exactly Alike

He has all of Seulgi’s signature features.

In recent days, a post regarding Red Velvet Seulgi‘s older brother was shared in online communities, and it’s receiving overwhelming attention for how much he looks like his younger sister.

The post consists of multiple photos of Seulgi and her older brother, and they surprisingly resemble each other very closely.

Seulgi is well-known for having beautiful monolid eyes, sharp nose, and soft face shape that gives her an overall elegant look.

And when you look at the photos of her older brother, it almost looks as if Seulgi decided to dress up as a man for a day.

He also has the signature features that Seulgi is known for, and in addition to that, even his expressions and gestures closely resemble that of her younger sister.

It’s been previously shared that they look so alike that even Red Velvet’s manager immediately knew they were related at first glance.

Seeing from the uncanny resemblance between Seulgi and her brother, there must be an unbeatable force of genetics behind physical appearance after all.

Source: Insight

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