This Legendary Close-Up Cam of Red Velvet’s Seulgi Has Been the Talk of the Internet for 2 Whole Years

Seulgi’s sexy charms are timeless.

A close-up cam of Red Velvet‘s Seulgi that was uploaded 2 years ago has recently been the topic of conversation once more in online communities.

The reason why the video is still the talk of the internet is the sexy figure Seulgi showed off while performing “Rookie”.

During the charismatic performance, Seulgi particularly stood out in her red crop tee and jeans.

Not only were her moves on point, but the abs that she flaunted was almost impossible to look away from.

On top of that, the jeans she wore even highlighted her hips that completed her overall sexy visuals.

Check out the full close-up cam that never died away in its two years on the internet below:


Source: Insight

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