Red Velvet Seulgi’s Daily Look Is the Perfect Reference for Your Spring Wardrobe

If you’re into the classic and refined look, that is.

In recent days, Seulgi‘s daily look has been the topic of conversation in various online communities and social media. Seulgi is already well-known for her casual fashion sense that lets her cute and chic charms shine.

Every time she arrives at the airport, she gives off a refined vibe with a comfortable look that looks absolutely effortless.

Since she usually flaunts more simple clothing, she emphasizes her look by using accents such as colorful bags, scarves, and hats.

That’s not all. She sometimes goes for a more lovable look my incorporating floral patterns and see-through blouses into the mix.

And in many of her looks, she completes it with skinny jeans which really show off her slim figure.

Seulgi radiates various charms just by putting a jacket on top of her inner outfit.

Depending on whether that jacket is checkered or made of leather, her look changes 360.

Her outstanding beauty along with her simple yet attractive fashion sense makes fans of all genders want to imitate her style.

Source: Insight

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