Red Velvet Seulgi Reveals Why It’s Difficult For Her To Wear Rings When Performing

The small accessory causes a problem that she also has a tip to avoid.

During her sit-down with ESQUIRE Korea, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi answered questions submitted by fans. When one mentioned her fingers, she revealed why rings were accessories she tended to stay away from when on stage.

While showing off a pose that displayed how slender her fingers were, Seulgi shared that it was difficult to find rings that fit properly. “It’s hard to find rings in my size.

Since stylists prepare outfits for Red Velvet to wear, Seulgi wore them and found that every ring would just slide off her fingers when performing their choreography. “They all fall off when I dance on stage.

In the process, she learned a trick that made it a bit easier if she truly wanted to keep the rings in place.

Whenever she wanted to wear the accessory, Seulgi used a layer of bandages for a tight fit that kept it from moving. “So, I sometimes wrap some bandage around my fingers to wear rings.

If you take a super close look at the ring Seulgi wore for a “Naughty” performance on Inkigayo, the thin, light line may have been a piece of the bandage she’d mentioned.

| Inkigayo PD Note

No one knew that Seulgi’s fingers were that slender. Watch her open up about the problem with dancing in rings and how she’s managed to solve it for the rare moments that she does.

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