Red Velvet Seulgi Explains Why She’s Often Seen Sticking Out Her Tongue

Though she’s wrecking fans with the habit, there’s an actual reason for it.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi sat down with Allure Korea to answer questions submitted by fans. One of them asked about a habit that she’s had for years: adorably or confidently sticking out her tongue.

A ReVeluv expressed how seeing the habit was too much for them to take, “‘My heart stops whenever I see Seulgi’s habit of sticking out her tongue.’” Keeping the joking mood going, Seulgi pretended to bring them back to life, “What do I do? Do I have to perform CPR?

She then shared the reasoning behind why she’s often captured doing the habit. Seulgi was merely calming herself down, “I stick out my tongue a lot whenever I’m nervous.

There was also another reason why she tended to rely on the habit. Seulgi confessed that her mouth becomes unusually parched, “My mouth gets really dry, so I do it to quench the dryness a little.

Even though Seulgi gives fans life from how charismatic or cute she looks while sticking out her tongue, she’s actually just soothing her nerves. Leave it up to Seulgi to make a simple act look so eye-catching.

See Seulgi lay out the reason for the longtime habit here.

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