Red Velvet’s Seulgi Mobilized Her Entire Body to Say Farewell to Her Beloved Fans

Seulgi proved to be the definition of love.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi recently attended the Converse photo event held at the COEX Live Plaza where she made her fans’ hearts skip a beat by exhibiting overwhelming love for her fans.

On this day, Seulgi received the spotlight due to her outstanding visuals in casual wear and a simple and effortless look.


During the event, Seulgi was seen smiling and chatting with fans, and she even took selfies with them as a special fan service.


What really proved Seulgi’s love for her fans was when she headed out to attend her next schedule.

On her way out, she expressed her love and gratitude to her fans by using both hands to wave, making a big heart with her arms, and flashing the biggest smile.


Watch Seulgi express her sincere love for her fans in the clips below:


Source: Insight and ssg0210

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