Seulgi Showed off Her Impressive Muscles During Red Velvet’s Recent Performance

Seulgi might have a small frame, but she’s all muscle.

Red Velvet recently attended an event at Hongik University where they lit up the stage with their hit songs such as “Red Flavor” and “RBB”.

While each member looked absolutely stunning and slayed the choreography, it was Seulgi who caught the attention of many with her strong body.

On this evening, Seulgi showed up looking fierce in a bold red outfit and put on a spectacular performance with an alluring look on her face.

Amongst the many charms she showed off, it was her figure that really took the spotlight.

During the intense choreography, Seulgi’s shoulders and arms appeared to have a lot of muscle to them, making her look extra fierce and powerful.

What’s especially surprising is how much muscle Seulgi has despite having a very thin frame.

Seulgi’s recent reveal of her rock-hard body just goes to show that she’s strong, healthy, and sexy.

Watch Seulgi’s full performance of Red Velvet’s “RBB” below:


Source: Insight

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