Netizens Are Freaking Out Over Red Velvet Seulgi’s “Ghost” Walk Again

Her ghostly walk drew attention once again:

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi has some serious moves when it comes to performing but it turns out she’s also got some interesting ones off stage as well!


Netizens have recently been reexamining some Red Velvet content including a series of gifs which highlight Seulgi’s legendary “ghost” walk.


In the series of gifs that have gone viral multiple times, Seulgi can be seen gliding across the floor. With no movement from her torso and no visible bouncing, the way Seulgi watch is quite unique.


Many fans have noted that it’s almost like she’s not walking at all and is instead floating like a ghost!


Seulgi’s ghostly walk is so astonishing that it’s even been discussed on Knowing Brothers.  On the show, fans learned exactly how she achieves her impressive hovering glide and it’s achieved with simple steps!


Despite the secret being revealed, netizens to this day continue having their minds blown seeing it! They think it’s both really cool and spooky and still can’t believe that she’s doing it on her own without the help of something like Heely shoes or a hoverboard!


With the spooky level still there, it’s no wonder SM Entertainment decided it needed to make a cameo in Red Velvet’s “Really Bad Boy”!


The trick really is quite spectacular and it’s just another reason to love Seulgi with all your heart!

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