Red Velvet’s Seulgi Shows Off How Much She Treasures Gifts From Her Fans

Seulgi is the sweetest!

There’s no doubt that Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is an incredibly talented idol who is admired by tons of people! Because of her skills, visuals, and warm-hearted personality, Seulgi’s fans can’t help but obsess over her and who can blame them? To show their love, fans often give their idols fan letters or other unique gifts and for Seulgi, they are all precious! Seulgi recently showed off just how much her fans mean to her in an interview with  Harper’s Bazaar.

During her interview, Seulgi showed off several of her favorite items. One of the items was, of course, gifts given by her fans. What else did you expect from someone as sweet as Seulgi!

Seulgi brought not only one fan letter, but a whole pile of them! While there were already so many letters with her, Seulgi revealed, “I have a lot of them at home, but I brought some of them.

One unique gift Seulgi shared was the coolest photo and message book a fan created for her 6th anniversary: “They made this for my 6th anniversary.

Seulgi showed a sneak peek at the inside of the well-made message book and it’s incredibly impressive.

Seulgi acknowledged her fans’ affection and shared, “The fans made this book with all their heart.” She is clearly smitten with the message book as she could not stop and continued to show it off: “They even put my monster picture in it. So cute. There’s a lot of content inside.

After she closed the book, Seulgi shared, “I keep it as a treasure.” Seulgi clearly loves and appreciates her fans and we love her for it! We love her for many reasons!

Seulgi further expressed her love for her fans in the following question, “What is a fan to Seulgi?

Seulgi shared that though she tends to procrastinate, her fans are what motivates her to keep going and work hard.

The driving force of my life. I’m kind of a procrasinator. Whenever I tell something to my fans, ReVeluv, try to keep my words to them. So I think they are the driving force behind my movement.


Surely, fans can say the same thing about Seulgi as she and her fellow Red Velvet members constantly inspire and empower fans around the world!

Check out the video below:

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