Red Velvet’s Seulgi Picks The Song That Helps Her Relieve Stress, And It’s The Sweetest Choice Ever

It’s sung by the girl who gives her JOY.

In an interview with Jonathan, the host of TheKstarNextDoorRed Velvet‘s Seulgi was asked what song she listens to or sings when stressed. Preparing for her solo debut must have been a process full of nervousness and excitement, so to relieve some stress and wow fans with her vocals, Jonathan asked what song she’d like to sing at that moment.

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Seulgi could have chosen a range of songs, whether from her own album or any of Red Velvet’s, but her choice was much sweeter: Seulgi decided to sing Joy‘s solo song, “Hello.” A song that seems the complete opposite of Seulgi’s solo concept, Joy and Seulgi are truly red and velvet, at least in music.

“Hello” is the perfect song to sing to get rid of stress thanks to its bright and vibrant energy, and it also has a ton of high notes, which for Seulgi, helps her relieve stress even more. Seulgi and Jonathan thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they covered “Hello,” and it’s both beautiful and hilarious to listen to.

All of Red Velvet have been super supportive of Seulgi’s solo debut, and Joy’s support has been extra sweet. Whether it be through social media,

or through private messages, Joy is Seulgi’s #1 hype woman, offering encouragement and comfort.

When they all reacted to “28 Reasons,” Joy showered Seulgi with words of affirmation and pride, and it’s clear from how focused she was during the reaction how much Joy adored Seulgi as both a friend and artist.

Joy also helped Seulgi with acting in the 28 Reasons album trailer. While it was a simple breathing exercise, it helped Seulgi learn how to cry easily for her scene, and it’s a testament to Joy’s experience and success as an actress.

Seulgi and Joy have the sweetest friendship, and while their music styles might be completely opposite, they’re both adorable and kindhearted angels that brighten up our lives.

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