Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Joy Go Their Separate Ways for Their Solo Vacations Abroad

They’re in two different countries in Asia.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi recently drew a lot of attention by sharing multiple photos of herself on vacation in Japan.

The photos show her in a bright yellow sweater and two different coats as she enjoys a simple vacation of an ordinary girl in her 20s.

The smile that shined through her light makeup face suggests what a relaxing and enjoyable time she’s having in Japan.

The caption of the Instagram post reads, “I went on vacation with my friend. This was my first vacation abroad with a friend so I was really excited about it. To my fellow members on vacation, I’ll make sure to return safe and sound. To our fans, I love you.

This update was followed by that of Joy, who shared photos of her vacation in China.

Joy also shared multiple photos along with the caption, “I miss my fans! I’m having a fun vacation for the first time in a while. How are you guys? After this vacation, I’m going to start preparing to meet our fans again. Please wait for us! Also, didn’t Haetnim get a lot bigger?

Her photos show her having a casual and relaxing time around China doing things like shopping and having tea.

She also shared photos of her dog, Haetnim and made sure to show off the love they have for each other.

With Seulgi and Joy enjoying their separate vacations and Irene enjoying her time in Paris, the question is, what is Yeri and Wendy up to these days?

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