Red Velvet’s Seulgi “Embarrassed” Her Fellow Members by Striking Dramatic Model Poses at The Fact Music Awards

Joy was spotted keeping her distance.

The Fact Music Awards recently took place and it was attended by many talented idols including the popular girl group, Red Velvet.

On this day, Red Velvet showed up looking elegant and chic in all-black outfits ahead of the awards ceremony.

The members took some time to pose for pictures along the photo wall, it was Seulgi who took the spotlight this time.

Seulgi was all confidence as soon as she stepped onto the red carpet, and she struck all sorts of model poses in her gorgeous black outfit.

While she was busy striking dramatic poses for the camera, her fellow members were spotted laughing and looking a little embarrassed and taken aback.


Wendy and Irene were seen laughing with their mouths covered, but it could also be sensed that they found her adorable.


In some of the photos, Joy could also be seen trying to keep her distance while Seulgi got her solo shots in.

Nevertheless, Seulgi looked killer in her model poses while also livening up the atmosphere with her silly charms.

Check out more photos of “model Seulgi” below:

Source: Insight

Red Velvet

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