Red Velvet’s Seulgi Is Leaving Everyone Breathless In Recent Concert Goods

That dress tho 😍

Red Velvet recently released their concert good photos, following a “La Rogue” concept. There, Seulgi stunned in her flapper-esque dress.

The idol is seen wearing a red headband with her hair down. To spice up the look, she is seen with long, dangling earrings.

But the point of her look is the dress. She is seen rocking a long, luxurious red flapper-esque dress. Adorned with long beads from top to bottom, Seulgi manages to look gorgeous in a unique outfit effortlessly.

Seulgi has always been praised for her beauty, but she never fails to blow people away with her visuals. Even now, netizens and Reveluvs alike are left breathless thanks to her charm.

Seulgi is so f*****g pretty…

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo

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