Red Velvet Seulgi’s Legendary Bangs Are Back And Driving Everyone Wild

Seulgi’s bangs have made a reappearance:

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi has tested out a number of different hairstyles over the years but ReVeluvs have always had a special place in their hearts for Seulgi’s bangs. Although they haven’t seen them in a while, they recently made a reappearance and it’s as amazing as you’d imagine!


A few days ago at the 2019 Iseul Live Festival Seulgi was still sporting her flawless bangless look…


But fast-forward a few days later to the Longchamp LGP Pop-Up Opening, and Seulgi shocked fans with her flawless visuals that included the return of her amazing bangs!


While Seulgi looks fantastic no matter what she’s wearing or what hairdo she’s rocking, her banged look has been a fan favorite for a long time now so when fans spotted it they were shook!


Her visuals were out of this world and with the addition of the bangs, Seulgi made it very hard for everyone’s heart!


Fans celebrated the return of her bangs and couldn’t get over how soft and fluffy her visuals were at the event.


But even if the return of the bangs made her look soft one minute, ReVeluvs know that the look is a dual-edged sword. Seulgi can easily flip the switch to pure sexy with a single look!


But with or without bangs, Seulgi always looks absolutely fabulous and her time at the event definitely proves that!

Red Velvet