Netizens Agree Red Velvet’s Seulgi Is The Idol With The Most Voluminous Hair

Rock it girl!

Recently on an online community board, a user made a post stating that Red Velvet Seulgi’s hair was the most voluminous out of all the idols. Their reasoning was that Seulgi not only had thick hair, but also natural curls, making her hair even more voluminous. Let’s take a look for ourselves!

In the video below, you can take a look at her all natural curly hair.

In this photo, you can clearly see how her hair looks like from the back!

Just look a the volume!

Despite having thick hair, it matches her well and adds more to her style and look!

And it helps when on stage too for those amazing hair flips!

Netizens were jealous of her thick hair and wished they had that much volume too.

  • “Wow just look at that volume!”
  • “Wow I didn’t know she had naturally wavy hair!”
  • “I’m jealous of her hair.”
  • “Even the photo from behind is so cute!”
Source: theqoo

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