Red Velvet’s Seulgi Revealed Why She Gets Awkward Around EXO Members

Seulgi feels awkward around the EXO members even though they’ve trained together for years.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi opened up about her trainee days at SM Entertainment during her time on Secret Unnie.

Sunmi and she were discussing about their trainee days when Sunmi asked, “Don’t you feel awkward when the people you train with debut before you do?

Seulgi revealed she’s trained closely with the EXO members before any of them debuted.

I trained alongside the EXO members, but they debuted before me.

— Seulgi

EXO debuted about 3 years before Red Velvet, which meant Seulgi spent those years training while watching her friends achieve their dreams.

Seulgi revealed that because EXO debuted before her, she feels awkward around them.

It’s still a little awkward around them.

— Seulgi

She opened up more about how she felt when she first became a trainee at SM Entertainment.

When I first became a trainee, I thought everyone was so pretty and talented. The trainees back then had a strong aura about them. They all looked like Girls Generation and Super Junior members to me.

— Seulgi

She lost a lot of confidence while training because she kept comparing herself to the other talented trainees.

I began to think, ‘How did I pass the audition? Will I be okay? What should I do?’. I seemed like a girl from the countryside. I first entered with self confidence but everyone was so talented and good looking. I lost a lot of confidence and just trained quietly.

— Seulgi

But as everyone knows, Seulgi debuted as a member of Red Velvet and has become one of the most beloved girl group of the century!

Here’s to hoping Seulgi rekindles her close friendship with the EXO members!