Red Velvet’s Seulgi Reveals The Truth Behind Why K-Pop Idols Wear Masks At Airports

It’s because she wants to hide this…

On an episode of The More Seulgiful Lifestyle in USA, uploaded under the Eye Contact Cam series on their YouTube Channel, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi shared her flight to the states and gave her fans a sneak peek into what she does while on the go abroad!


Seulgi revealed that even as a super busy, fly-all-the-time-everywhere kind of K-Pop star, she prefers to wind down on the plane and not particularly do anything.

There isn’t much that I do on a flight.

— Seulgi


She shared with her fans that wherever she goes, on the plane ride there, she likes to eat – sleep – watch movies and put that on repeat!

I eat, sleep, eat, sleep, watch some movies, eat, and sleep.

— Seulgi


Seulgi also pointed out that the downside of having a restful, revitalizing flight like such is that her face puffers up by the time of arrival. To cover that up, Seulgi – like a lot of other K-Pop stars – likes to wear a mask to hide the swelling a bit.


According to Seulgi, whenever she – and possibly other K-Pop idols too – shows up at the airport wearing a mask, it probably means she had a solid, relaxing flight and she got a lot of food gobbled, a lot of sleep squeezed in, and a lot of movies checked off the list!


Now Red Velvet fans will know, when Seulgi has that mask on after arriving at an airport, they can be relieved that she had a good ride! Here’s Seulgi, likely after a very fulfilling flight:


Watch the full clip below:

Source: Nate Pann

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