Seulgi Rocked Short Hair In Red Velvet’s New Teasers And Everyone’s Crossing Their Fingers It’s Real

Many ReVeluvs are hoping the haircut is real:

As Red Velvet have been gearing up for their next comeback, ReVeluvs have been digging all the teasers that have recently been dropping. In the teasers for Seulgi, however, fans got an extra surprise that they are hoping is real!


Seulgi’s teasers for the group’s upcoming “ReVe Festival: Day 1” EP have been leaving everyone speechless not only because Seulgi’s visuals were once again off the charts…


But also because Seulgi was spotted with a new and much shorter hairdo!


Fans have been hoping to see Seulgi go short for quite some time and fans have even made a few edits over the years to get an idea of what she would look like.


And finally seeing her with pretty shoulder-length hair has been driving everyone wild!


While everyone is completely in love with the look, there is one question in everyone’s mind… is it real! Since idols have been known to rock wigs in the past, and some have even teased fans with them in their teaser photos, many ReVeluvs are crossing their fingers that Seulgi’s look is in fact real!


Whether it is a wig or not, there’s absolutely no denying that Seulgi definitely pulls off the shorter ‘do like the goddess that she is!

Red Velvet

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