Here’s Red Velvet Seulgi’s Secret To Looking Photogenic In Any Type Of Picture

From professional photoshoots to pictures with friends, Seulgi has all the secrets.

K-Pop idols are loved by fans not only for their talents but their iconic visuals. Many fans can connect with these visuals through the social media that the idols put out. In a recent interview, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi pulled back the curtain on the different ways she perfected her visuals depending on the type of photo she was taking.

Seulgi | @redvelvet.smtown/Instagram

While talking to Marie Claire Korea, Seulgi answered a fan question about how she takes her photos. She began by explaining that “I think it differs when I take pictures for a shoot versus when I take them with friends.”

She then elaborated on how she poses for each of these situations. Seulgi said that “When I’m with my friends, I do cute things like (peace sign). I take pictures in a more fun way.”

Red Velvet | @redvelvet.smtown/Instagram

On her Instagram, her more casual pictures with friends are often softer and show a different side to this fierce idol.

Seulgi (Left) shows off her soft side in her Halloween photos with Yeri (Center) and Irene (Right). | @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

Seulgi has always been known for her visuals which has gained her many opportunities for professional photoshoots. “When I have some type of shoot,” she said, “I try to express my internal charisma.

| @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

This is Seulgi’s only secret to differentiating between professional and personal photos. Seulgi also explained that she expands her range of poses. She also added that she has a unique quirk during photoshoots.

I like this side (left side) of my face more so naturally, my body turns to that side more.


| @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

Before Seulgi ended the question, she had one more type of photo she had to mention. When talking about how she poses for her ReVeluvs, Seulgi expressed her love, saying, “When I’m sending posing to my fans, I do a lot of hearts.”

| @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

Have you ever noticed any of these poses in Seulgi’s photos before? Let us know, and to see more from her interview, check out the video below:

Red Velvet

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