Red Velvet’s Seulgi Evidently Had the Exact Same “Smiling Eyes” Back in Middle School

Seulgi hasn’t changed one bit.

Photos of Red Velvet‘s Seulgi back in middle school have recently been circulating in online communities due to how familiar her smiling eyes look.


The shared photos show Seulgi showing off the same bright smile that she’s known for now, as long as the adorable eyes that go with it.

The crescent moon that is formed when Seulgi smiles is enough to put any fan’s heart at risk.

On top of that, the photos from when Seulgi was in middle school show the star looking as beautiful as ever with no makeup on.

The photos of the natural beauty are eliciting reactions such as “She was pretty then and she’s pretty now“, “Seulgi has always been different from the rest“, and “Her smiling eyes are so adorable“.

Check out some more photos of Seulgi’s “smiling eyes” below:


Source: Insight

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