Red Velvet Seulgi tried to mimic Irene’s flexibility and surprised herself with the result

Seulgi attempted to copy Irene‘s incredible flexibility, and the results left all the members laughing.

Red Velvet appearance on Weekly Idol back in 2015 has picked up more attention recently after fans noticed Irene’s incredible flexibility on the show, and Seulgi’s hilarious attempt to recreate her moves.

MCs Doni and Coni asked if Irene could show off her flexible moves, and had her hold a split. After doing so, they asked if Seulgi could try what Irene did.

Seulgi’s results left everyone laughing.

Check out the hilarious moment down below!

Irene smoothly showed her impressive flexing ability.

Everyone was stunned at her ability to lay totally flat on the ground!

Seulgi tried and immediately fell!

She was too cute.

Watch the full moment below!