Red Velvet’s Seulgi Has an Unusual Way of Dealing with Anti-Fans

She received a lot of mean comments when she first debuted.

In an interview conducted by the magazine HYPEBEAST late last year, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi gave fans a good idea of her true character.

The section that is receiving particular attention is when the interviewer asked, “How did it feel to debut and be acknowledged after such a long time?

In response, Seulgi confessed that she received a lot of mean comments when she first debuted.

She mentioned that she was accidentally shown on MBC’s Radio Star before her debut which led to high anticipation, but that also caused fans to be disappointed.

Seulgi said her fans’ disappointment was so difficult for her that she continued with the will to do better.

She also added that as she continued to grow and improve, her fans’ acknowledgment and praise gave her more motivation.

In addition, Seulgi also shared the principle that she has carried with her ever since her debut in an interview with GQ Korea.

Her principle is, “I will make those who know me like me.

Seulgi explained that since those who don’t know her can very easily dislike her, she focuses on leaving a good impression on those two do know her.

She also expressed her desire to ask those who don’t like her, “Why don’t you like me?

Seulgi’s beautiful way of putting things is just one of many reasons to love her.

Source: Insight

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