Why Red Velvet’s Seulgi Used To Sleep In Their Dorm’s Laundry Room

Her sacrifice was appreciated by all the members.

Red Velvet‘s Joy appeared on a past episode Happy Together 4 to talk about how the group was doing around their seven-year anniversary.

Red Velvet’s Joy

Red Velvet’s latest title song at the time, “Psycho,” gained immense popularity and even reached 1st place on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart.

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As their popularity continued to soar worldwide, Joy was asked what changed the most since their debut.

In response, Joy picked the fact that they now have individual rooms, but there was a little twist.

We now have our own rooms in our house. But our house only has 4 rooms for 5 members, so one of our members uses the laundry room.

— Joy

But she surprised the cast by revealing that there wasn’t a fierce battle for who wouldn’t get the laundry room, all thanks to Seulgi‘s sacrifice.

Seulgi Unnie volunteered to take the laundry room, so she sleeps in there.

— Seulgi

The fellow cast was shocked by Seulgi’s decisiveness and sacrifice, but Joy revealed that in return, Seulgi asked to use the entrance hallway as her dressing room.

It takes a true boss to come up with a compromise that protects both Red Velvet’s friendship and her own territory.

Here’s hoping Red Velvet’s laundry room is bigger than most!

Red Velvet