Red Velvet’s Seulgi Blinds All with Her Rock Hard Abs in a Stunningly Sexy Crop Top

Seulgi’s out slaying fans’ hearts again.

Red Velvet recently performed the 2019 Ulsan Summer Festival where they burned down the stage with their hit songs such as “Zimzalabim” and “Red Flavor”.

On this day, the members dressed up in pink and red outfits that made all of them stand out in their own ways.

But the member that particularly stood out was Seulgi in her gorgeous crop top and red pants.

What made Seulgi shine even more was the way her outfit highlighted her stunning figure.

The crop tee allowed all fans to admire her rock hard abs as well as a waistline that many dream of.

The surprising part was that Seulgi didn’t even have to flex to make her ab lines show.

Her especially sexy look added to her powerful dancing and made her fans marvel at her radiance one more time.


Source: Insight

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