Red Velvet’s Seulgi Got Confused While Playing A Game With Wendy And It Was Too Cute To Handle

Even her fellow members couldn’t get over her cuteness:

SBS recently released Red Velvet‘s Inkigayo Waiting Room Check-in Live and it’s been supplying fans with plenty of hilarious, fun, sweet, and adorable moments. While there have been plenty of moments that have caught ReVeluvs eyes, there’s one moment in particular with Seulgi that is almost too cute to handle!


Although fans are used to Seulgi being adorable, when she played a game of choreography charades with Wendy the cute level absolutely skyrocketed thanks to her choreography confusion!


While things started off pretty good with EXO’s “Love Me Right”…


Seulgi soon ran into some trouble when she desperately wanted to sing along to the song to help her remember how the choreography went but couldn’t!


Which in turn led to some very cute mini-dances before Seulgi passed over some songs!


And, of course, even more adorable moments where Seulgi questioned whether she was actually dancing to the right song or not!


But even if Seulgi’s confusion led to her moves not being 100% spot on, she still successfully got Wendy through the stage even if they ultimately lost to Joy and Yeri’s team!


Win or lose, the moment is too adorable for words! Check it out for yourself starting at the 11-minute mark below:

Red Velvet

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