Red Velvet Shows Their Undying Support For NCT Dream

This is so cute!

NCT Dream recently held their solo concert in Seoul. NCTzens were obviously excited for the event and couldn’t wait to see their favorite idols again!

Surprisingly, some fellow idols also couldn’t hide their excitement to see the boys again!

Red Velvet were spotted in the crowd during NCT Dream’s concert! Both NCTzens and Reveluvs are excited to see their label mates supporting each other.

There was a dress code required for fans to follow when they attended the concert and the girls took an extra mile and even followed the dress code! This definitely shows the genuine support they have for each other!

The girls from Red Velvet and NCT Dream have always been close. Fans of both groups have seen members from the two groups interact often, so it is quite a sight for fans to see them interacting again!

They seem to have a really great bond and get along well together!

Fans are extremely happy and touched to see the idols’ friendship with each other and as well as the genuine support they have!