Red Velvet surprises viewers with their multiple takes on Russian Roulette

When asked to show off different emotions to “Russian Roulette,” Red Velvet didn’t disappoint with their impressive range.

Recently on the Yang and Nam Show, Red Velvet showed their versatile charm through a dance challenge. With maknae Yeri still resting, the remaining four members Joy, Wendy, Irene, and Seulgi switched up the emotion of the dance as the MC’s shouted out different adjectives and the results were hilarious.

Starting off the challenge with the sexy version of “Russian Roulette,” Red Velvet created an aura reminiscent of their “Automatic” concept. With the amount of upbeat songs they’ve been promoting recently, a change in tone really surprised viewers.

The girls then switched to a “drunk” version of the dance with Joy taking the lead with her impressive impersonation.

After a hysterical rendition, the girls transitioned into another theatrical version, mimicking the feeling after a break up.

The group then moved into an “indigestion” version, as suggested by host Eric. While the other three members struggled to hold a straight face, Seulgi was able to perfectly capture the feeling with her dancing.

In the end, the group excelled at the cute version. Fortunately, their point dance already fit with the concept, allowing them to finish the challenge with ease.

Watch the full clip below!