Red Velvet Joy’s “Tango” Cover Was So Good The Original Artist Abir Sent Her Some Love

Joy’s cover made everyone melt:

Ever since Red Velvet‘s Joy opened up her very own Instagram account, everyone has been blessed not only with jaw-dropping selcas and adorable pictures but also with some of Joy’s stunning song covers!


And Joy recently blessed us all again with her cover of Abir‘s “Tango”!

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ReVeluvs immediately fell in love with the cover and with Joy’s honey vocals on full display, fans weren’t the only ones seriously loving the cover!


Shortly after posting the video, Abir herself sent some love to Joy and her beautiful cover!


Fans, in turn, couldn’t be happier for Joy for receiving a shoutout from the original singer! Meanwhile, Red Velvet has been gearing up their latest, The ReVe Festival: Day 2, comeback set for August 20.

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