Red Velvet and TWICE Face off in Archery at the Idol Star Athletics Championships

It was a close game, but there could only be one winner.

On the February 6 broadcast of MBC’s 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships, rivals Red Velvet and TWICE faced off in a game of archery.

The first thing that caught the viewers attention was their visuals.

TWICE wore red warrior capes and Red Velvet wore training outfits for more flexible movement.

On this day, Red Velvet and TWICE showed off their beauty as well as their natural athletic ability.

In particular, Red Velvet’s ace, Seulgi, and TWICE’s ace, Tzuyu shined with their stable shooting.

In the end, TWICE scored 76 points and Red Velvet scored 66 points which allowed TWICE to advance to the finals.

Fans who watched this close game couldn’t help but make comments on their beauty:

“I can’t believe their beauty… So pretty…”

“They’re so pretty…”

“They’re so pretty and so good at archery.”

Watch Red Velvet and TWICE’s close game of archery below:

Source: Insight