Red Velvet Unveils All Individual Teasers For “SAPPY” As Well As A Special DVD Version Of The Album

Looks like Japanese REVELUV have even more to be excited about!

Red Velvet‘s 2nd Japanese mini album SAPPY is still a couple of weeks away, but over the course of May 11-13 SM Entertainment released individual teasers for each of the members as well as announced a special DVD version of the album.

First teased were Irene and Yeri on May 11 followed by Wendy, Joy, and Seulgi on May 12.

Artwork for the mini album and the DVD edition of the mini album were uploaded on May 13.

Artwork for the regular version of the mini album
Artwork for the DVD version of the mini album

The newly announced DVD will include the music videos for “SAPPY” and “Cookie Jar” as well as making films for each music video, album jacket making films, and backstage footage from Red Velvet’s “Red Room” concert in Japan.

Both versions of the album will be released on May 29. Since there’s still a while before the album is released, SM Entertainment may have even more teasers waiting for REVELUV.


Source: Red Velvet Japan

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