Red Velvet’s Wendy Shows Off Her Favorite Bag, And Shares The Touching Reason Behind How She Got It

No wonder she treasures the bag so much!

Red Velvet‘s Wendy cutely showed off her favorite bag, and revealed the heartwarming reason behind why she treasures it so much!

Wendy recently shot a pictorial with Marie Claire Korea, and also sat down for a “My 10 Favorites” interview with them!

The first item she introduced was a green bag, which she revealed what gifted to her by her father!

This is the bag I carry around. I want to talk about this bag. My father makes leather handcrafts, and I asked him to make this for me. I set the color first, and I told him a rough idea of the design. Then he just made it for me.


She then shared that she usually takes a big bag with her because of her tendency to carry lots of stuff around, and cutely complained about how her dad sent her a smaller one on purpose to curb this tendency!

Because I carry a lot of stuff around, I usually carry a big bag. But my father made a smaller bag so that I carry less stuff. But this is too small for me.

Please make me a big bag next time, dad!


Wendy is so cute and lovable!

Watch her talk about it here!

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