Here’s Why Red Velvet’s Wendy Absolutely Hates Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

The Red Velvet members have very different taste.

Red Velvet members recently chatted on SBS’s KPOP PLAY where Wendy gave an honest opinion on the ice cream flavor, mint chocolate.

Ahead of the reveal, the members were asked, “Out of the 31 flavors of ice cream, which one is your favorite?

In response, Joy confessed, “I love mint chocolate! But people either love it or hate it.

And when Wendy heard this, she admitted that she didn’t like it to which Joy asked, “Why don’t you like it? I don’t get it.

Wendy answered by saying min chocolate is way too refreshing to which Seulgi added, “I like it. And the chocolate offsets the refreshing flavor.

Wendy then showed off an honest cringing expression and shared, “It tastes like I’m eating chocolate ice cream with toothpaste mixed into it.

As for some of the other members’ taste in ice cream, Seulgi pointed out “My Mom Is an Alien” and “Chocolate Forest” as her favorite flavors, and Yeri and Irene both agreed on yogurt as their go-to flavors.

Source: Dispatch

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