Red Velvet’s Wendy Jumps in to Protect Irene from Getting Hurt by a Toppling Jenga Tower

Sweet Wendy used her entire body to stop the Jenga pieces from falling on Irene.

Red Velvet recently held a fan signing in Seoul where they chatted with their beloved fans and showed off their strong love for each other as fellow members.

The members even played large-scale Jenga where Wendy showed off her bravery by protecting Irene from getting hurt.

When it was Irene’s turn to pull a piece, she kneeled down on the floor and attempted to pull one out.

At that moment, the Jenga tower started to topple over, and while Irene tried her best to avoid the collapse, Wendy immediately ran over and blocked the falling pieces with her body.

The sight of Wendy attempting to save Irene was captured by the cameras of fans, and the footage was naturally spread all over social media soon afterward.

Check out the footage of Wendy looking for Irene with all her might below:

Source: Insight

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